We really shouldn’t have to convince you why the ideal place to party is on a party bus – it’s even in the name! But if you’re still on the fence for some reason, the party professionals at Indy JoyRides have some convincing reasons for you and your friends to paint the town with us.

1. Meals on Wheels

We’ve all heard it before, “Pizza’s not a road food.” Indy JoyRides is here to put that myth to bed because on our party bus, the feast travels with you. Talk to your bus captain about where to grab the best grub.

2. Let Your Artistic Side Shine

Virtually all of the bus’s interior is covered in chalkboard paint, giving you the opportunity to customize the bus for the night’s escapades.

3. Practice Your DJ Skills

Plug your smart phone into our sound system, and create the perfect party soundtrack. Whether you love hip-hop, country, rock & roll, or classical music – our party bus doesn’t discriminate and bumps all jams equally.

4. Tailgate Like a Champion

With built-in coolers, a pumping sound system, and shelter from any foreboding weather forecasts, the bus makes for the ultimate tailgating headquarters. While other groups crowd underneath umbrellas, rain falling into their beer as they wait for the game to start, you’ll be warm and dry in the party bus – confident in your superior taste of game-day transportation.

5. Always a Designated Driver

We say it all the time, “You Drink, We Drive.” Eliminate the straw drawing process of determining the DD, and let one of our experienced, professional drivers take the wheel.

6. Brewery Tour Anyone?

Indianapolis is home to some of the Midwest’s best craft-beer makers. Conducted in our legendary party bus rental, a brewery tour with Indy JoyRides is a surefire way to turn a regular night on the town into a lifetime memory for you and your crew.

7. Never Lose a Friend (Again)

It’s inevitable; someone in the group always wanders off or accidentally stays behind at one of the evening’s destinations. With Indy JoyRides, we’ll make it simple to keep the whole gang together while the party works its way all over the Circle City.

8. Drink in a Vehicle!

When else will you have a chance to legally drink in a vehicle? While we absolutely in no way would ever endorse drinking and driving, drinking and riding while a professionally licensed bus driver maintains control of the wheel is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

9. Room For Everyone

If the group is big enough, you sometimes need multiple cars and designated drivers to organize a night on the town – not with our party bus rental. Our bus can fit up to 14 passengers and has roomy horseshoe-shaped seating that will keep everyone in each other’s field of vision.

10. “The Party Don’t Stop”

The never ending party is a way of life for the team here at Indy JoyRides. Whether you’re touring a distillery or putting together a custom package, our staff will keep the good times rolling in between and during stops.

Are you ready to tour the town in a party bus rental from Indy JoyRides? Request a reservation online, or call us now at (317) 572-5693.

*All alcohol-related content intended for readers 21+
**Party bus rentals and tours are available for alcohol-free events as well