Some of the best ideas come to life with the help of a couple friends and a few stiff drinks. Take Indy JoyRides, for example.

Our founder, Matt, was lifting elbows with a buddy late one evening when he received a message from a college pal: “Want to buy a bus?” They were far enough into their cups that the question spurred a brainstorming session full of intriguing possibilities. A few whiskey shots later, and Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit had been awakened.

The next day, he was on his way to Milan, Indiana, to pick up Indy JoyRides’ first bus.

“Want to buy a bus?”

Matt and his fraternity brothers had already used the retired school bus for tailgating at Purdue University, so it only seemed natural to put it back on the road as a brew bus. With Indiana’s craft beer scene growing by leaps and bounds, he figured it would be a great way for groups to explore some local favorites without worrying about who would drive.

Matt’s day job as an engineer helped him envision how the bus could be transformed into a party on wheels, with horseshoe seating and a center bar to make socializing a breeze. His fraternity brother Chad came on board as co-owner, applying his sales and marketing expertise to growing the business.

Together, Matt and Chad have expanded Indy JoyRides’ offerings to take on distillery and winery tours. Our party bus also serves as a fun ride for special events to hot spots such as Broad Ripple and Carmel.

Not surprisingly, Chad and Matt have been known to tip back a few while discussing company business. After all, you wouldn’t want Indy JoyRides to take you somewhere we wouldn’t go ourselves, right?

They don’t play favorites as far as tour destinations, but Matt’s adult beverage of choice is India Pale Ale — the hoppier the better. Chad’s more likely to be found on the distillery tour, looking for a local whiskey for an Old Fashioned, his favorite drink.

Who knows what they will come up with next? Or maybe you’ll dream up the next big thing while you’re drinking with buddies on the Indy JoyRides bus. Contact us today by calling (317) 572-5693 or book a tour now. Make sure to also ask about our current specials to save money on your trip!