Indy JoyRides is your Indianapolis provider for brew bus trips, distillery tours, and wine tours. We drive you to drink — literally. Our 14-passenger bus is designed for conversation and fun, with horseshoe-shaped seating for your crew, party neon lights, and a Bluetooth sound system. Make a tour reservation or book a party bus rental today. If you don’t find an answer to your question below, contact us at (317) 572-5693 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Indy JoyRides?

The owners are Matt and Chad, a couple of college buddies who are having a lot of fun running a small, local business. Read our story here.

Can I come along if I’m not 21?

Sorry, the brewery, wine, and distillery tours are only for our friends who are of legal drinking age. Good news, though! You can book a party bus for special events like prom or a concert. Of course, no alcohol is allowed on those outings. But book a bus now for your 21st!

Do you offer any discounts or specials?

At Indy JoyRides, we think everyone deserves to have a special night out. We run discounts and specials throughout the year to save our renters money on tours, private parties, tailgating, and more! Check out our current deals now.

Do we need to sign anything before our trip?

For all private tours and rentals, we require all groups to complete and sign a Private Rental Agreement.

Where do we get picked up for tours?

We offer custom pickup and drop-off options in the metro Indy-area based on location and distance. Please call us at (317) 572-5693 for more details and pricing.

I just reserved a tour; where is my confirmation? 

You will automatically get an email of a confirmation receipt with all of the details provided.

Where does your party bus go?

If you’re booking a party bus or special event, we can take you anywhere in Indiana. We’re happy to make recommendations for a fun evening in Broad Ripple, Carmel, or an Indianapolis cultural district.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the bus?

You can bring food and drinks on all party bus rentals and tours, except there is no hard alcohol permitted for brewery, winery, and distillery tours. Clean-up fees start at $100 and may be added if the bus is too dirty or if there is damage to the bus at the end of the tour.

What’s included on the bus?

The cooler, cups, water, and ice are included at no additional charge.

You’re going to store all my stuff on the bus, right?

Sure, you can leave whatever you like on board during tour stops. We like to think everyone who rides with Indy JoyRides is honest and considerate, but we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. 

What are the tours like?

We like to think you’re going to leave your Indy JoyRides tour with stories you’ll be telling for years to come. You can find details on our tours page, and share your experience afterward by writing a customer review.

Should we tip the driver?

Absolutely. Although it’s not required, tips up to 20% are incredibly appreciated. We’ve put our drivers through a lot over the years, and they’ve seen a lot of things they can’t un-see. So every chance we get, we like to show them how much we appreciate them.

What’s your favorite brewery?

We wouldn’t ask your mom who her favorite child is, so don’t make us answer this one either. Let’s just say Indiana really knows how to make some good brews, and Indy JoyRides can help you discover some of the best.

Found all the details you needed? Contact Indy JoyRides today at (317) 572-5693 to book a tour or party bus.