Fall is in the air! Here in the Midwest, crisp, beautiful weather is just around the corner and not a moment too soon. It’s time to grab your friends, rent a party bus, and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your favorite people. Here at Indy JoyRides, we know there is no shortage of occasions that warrant a party bus rental. Toward that end, we’ve put together a list so you’ll know how to take your event to the next level.

Occasions to Rent a Party Bus

1. Sorority and Fraternity Events

College campuses look different this year; however, if you are able to have formals or mixers in your sorority or fraternity, why not arrive in style? A party bus is a great way to keep everyone unified and organized in a fun environment that is also safe. Renting a party bus is an easy way to elevate any evening.

2. Corporate Parties

Company culture is starting to gain more importance as time goes by. In the past, people tended to accept whatever jobs they could get. But, in today’s climate, people are starting to pay more attention to company culture and environment. They are starting to care more about relationships and building strong, lasting friendships at work. Because of this, hosting a good company party can be extremely rewarding for both employer and employee. By renting a party bus and taking your team out, you can create an event where employees can loosen up and get to know each other on a deeper level.

3. Prom

You may think that party buses are only good for those that are in need of a designated driver, so why would young prom goers need one? Because party bus rentals are just as fun without alcohol. The lights, the sound systems, ample room, and areas for snacks and beverages will make any prom night special. High schoolers can ride in style to the venue with their best friends, for a night that no one will forget.

Any event that you’re attending in the Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, or Carmel, IN, area is sure to be enhanced with a rental from Indy JoyRides. Have some questions? Contact us today at (317) 572-5693. We’ll drive you to drink!