Fall in Indiana is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. The sweaty, summer weather has passed, and the frigid cold hasn’t yet started, so it’s time to enjoy the fall foliage and mild weather while you can! At Indy JoyRides, our favorite way to celebrate fall is by taking a brewery tour! Read on to learn why this is the perfect fall activity for you!

Fall Brewery Tours

1. Free Beer

Yes, you read that right. When you take a brewery tour, you are given free samples of different beers to try! Many beer lovers end up finding a new favorite while on a brewery tour, and they take the opportunity to stock up on it right then and there. The best part- most breweries even offer discounts to party bus riders! Plus, you might even find your beer is even more enjoyable now that you know how it’s made!

2. Mild Weather

As we mentioned above, fall is the best time for this type of activity because of the mild, enjoyable weather. Summer tends to be too hot and sweaty, and winter is way too cold! However, in the fall, you can pack a light jacket and spend a whole day exploring local breweries in comfort. At Indy JoyRides, you can choose up to four local breweries around the Indianapolis area, and we’ll do the rest! Some popular choices are Sun King Brewing Co., Fountain Square Brewing, and Flat 12 Bierwerks.

3. Off-Season Benefits

Finally, because the fall season isn’t home to many major holidays, you’ll be able to reap all the off-season benefits. Typically the summer wedding rush is over, and the all the major holidays are still months away, leaving your group free to enjoy fewer crowds and special discounts. You shouldn’t have any trouble booking a party bus or brewery tour in the fall.

When you’re ready to start planning your fall brewery tour, contact Indy JoyRides at (317) 572-5693. We’ll drive you to drink!