You purchased the album, you know every song, and your favorite band is finally touring in Indy! If you’re a music lover, seeing your favorite acts perform live in concert is your ultimate night out. Indianapolis has incredible venues for outdoor and indoor concerts all year round. Gather your friends, and take the evening one step further with a party bus rental from Indy JoyRides. Plan for a great night out celebrating fantastic music.

Basic concert-going tips make for an epic night!

Plan ahead with great companyConcert going

One of the best parts of music is sharing it with people you love. Gather fellow music lovers in your life, and purchase tickets so you can share the experience together. You’ll make lasting memories with friends and fellow concert-goers with the backdrop of your favorite band. 

Support the artist and the venue

Attending a concert is a great way of showing respect and support for the artist. Attending a local event is the best way to celebrate our amazing city. The more in attendance, the more likely the artist will return and the venue can grow its lineup. Purchasing memorabilia, food, and beverages at the show adds to the experience of the night.

Secure your rideParty Bus Rental

One of the most challenging aspects of attending a popular event is securing transportation to and from the venue. Take the stress out of heavy traffic and congested parking situations by renting a party bus for the night. With a driver at the wheel, your party of up to 14 people begins early, and everyone can share in the fun. Your party bus is not limited to one venue. We’ll go to any event, anywhere in Indiana! 

Take your concert night out to the next level with a party bus. While you drink, we’ll drive! Contact the concert-going pros at Indy JoyRides to reserve your party bus at (317) 572-5693.

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