Anytime you have a big group of people getting together for a good time, renting a party bus is a great idea! Whether it’s a graduation party, a wedding, or even a college reunion, a party bus takes the fun to the next level. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you book your party bus. Our team at Indy Joy Rides wants you to have the very best experience, so read on for a few etiquette tips.

Party Bus Etiquette

Indulge, But Don’t Overindulge

At Indy Joy Rides, we want to drive you to drink– we really do! Making sure our guests have fun in between their destinations is what we do and, as long as you’re of legal drinking age, we encourage it! However, we also want you to stay safe, and it is our responsibility to keep you from hurting yourself or others. So by all means, go wild! But don’t get to the point that you’re attracting police attention or stumbling in the street.

Underage Drinking Is Not Cute

Speaking of the police, consuming alcohol as a minor is illegal. So, for our underage guests, please don’t sneak in alcohol! If you’ve rented a party bus to go to prom, we promise you’ll have an awesome time with our comfortable furniture, lighting, and music. We’ll have you dancing and grooving all the way to prom! Getting a little too risky, however, and bringing aboard hidden alcohol for consumption will leave you in some serious trouble! You could be seriously fined and the driver’s commercial license could be taken away.

Be Considerate

In a party atmosphere, people typically tend to let loose, including leaving trash behind. This is not a cool thing to do, especially in a party bus rental. Make sure the trash gets put where the trash belongs – not on the floor or across the seats. Our clean-up fees start at $100 and may be added if the bus is too dirty or if there is damage to the bus at the end of the tour.

Are you ready to reserve a party bus for an unforgettable night in Indianapolis? Contact Indy JoyRides today at (317) 572-5693 for more information or to get a quote. You can also make a reservation online anytime.