Renting a party bus is a great way to take an otherwise average celebration to the next level. However, that celebration could easily be ruined by an accident or a moment of recklessness that could turn into a nightmare. At Indy JoyRides, we love helping the residents in and around Indianapolis have a great time, so we take safety very seriously. Check out these three tips to make sure you are having fun while also staying safe the next time you board a party bus.

Party Bus Safety Tips

1. Choose a Company You Can Trust

When you set out to rent a party bus, make sure you choose one that you can trust. Read the online reviews and check out their policies and rental agreements before you sign anything. A reputable company will have a rental agreement that will state their rules and regulations to keep the party safe. Additionally, it’s important that you remember to follow any rules and regulations they have in place for your safety. This includes not trying to sneak extra people on board and not bringing any weapons, drugs, or otherwise dangerous items on board.

2. Don’t Get Too Crazy

At Indy JoyRides, our tagline is “we’ll drive you to drink.” So we fully expect you to drink and have a great time (assuming you’re over 21). However, it’s still a good idea to know your limits and not get so out of control that the night is ruined. You wouldn’t want to get so drunk that you don’t remember or enjoy the night! So, while we expect you to take full advantage of having a designated driver, we still encourage you to keep it classy.

3. Clean Up after Yourself

Finally, while we encourage a party atmosphere, trashing the bus is not safe or appreciated. Not only do we expect you to respect our property, we also don’t want you tripping over trash all night. Make sure the trash gets put where the trash belongs – not on the floor or across the seats. Our clean-up fees start at $100 and may be added if the bus is too dirty or if there is damage to the bus at the end of the tour.

Are you ready to reserve a party bus for an unforgettable night in Indianapolis? Contact Indy JoyRides today at (317) 572-5693 for more information or to get a quote. Also, be sure to check out our specials before booking. You can make a reservation online anytime.